I have had my full human hair wig since the end of Oct 2011, I have had problems with it since the beginning. I wash it like I was instructed to; brush it out, add shampoo to a large basin of warm water, submerge the unit, swish around, rinse, get clean water add conditioner, soak unit for 5 minutes, rinse, towel dry, add Matrix leave in Conditioner spray, comb, put on foam head to air dry.

Well about 3 days after I wash my hair gets super tangled all over and straw like on the ends. I have called the place I got my unit and they have had me come in, she did a bleach treatment. It helped with the tangles for a few days but it didnt last long. I finally asked if there was something wrong with my unit, they are ordering me a replacement.

I'm very worried that it will be more of the same with the new unit. I need yalls amazing ideas on how to really care for my unit. The shop can only help so much. I'm guess I'm just Human Hair Wig uneducated. Please teach me your tricks.

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Is there a specific place to buy these oils? My new unit is coming in next week and I want to get off on the right foot with this one. I can't let $1400 go down the drain again.

We specialize in hair replacement haircare and our link can be found on the Shop and Save page of Alopecia World (http://www.alopeciaworld.com/notes/index/allNotes).

You definitely need to start a proper haircare regimen with the proper conditioning balance/natural oils on day 1 with your new system. You have invested a great deal of emotional time and money and your systems should be remaining healthy and useful for a long time.

If you would like to contact us directly from the Shop and Save link we would be glad to help you put together a regimen that will work for you on your new system.

There are others that may be able to provide feedback from their personal situations on the use of their favorite products containing natural oils.

I tried the coconut oil as discussed in a previous discussion. I'm not sure if I used enough or did it wrong but the hair seems to be worse. Nothing seems to get the tangles and matting out for me at all. Not sure what I'm doing wrong if so many others had luck.

@ Andrea Holden, I dont blow dry my unit as it seems to make it more frizzy and gross so I just air dry. When I picked up my unit the hair dresser on site told me to wash once a week and condition. The method that she showed me didnt help so I went back. She told me to use bleach water to get the knots out and make it smooth again. Well since the hair was blonde but dyed red (my original color) it made the color fad dramatically. She did this for me in December and the color is orange now, time to color too. LOL. I have started to wash with a little shampoo and then condition with a regular condition but apply it when the hair is just damp and let it sit for about 30 minutes and then rinse. I think towel dry and apply a Matrix leave in conditioner spray. After it is completely dry, about 24 hours later it is still pretty knoted and I lose a ton of hair. It is like having alopecia all over again. Should I use an oil instead of the Matrix leave in or in addition?

Sorry you've had this problem. Glad the seller is replacing it.

This is a problem due to very low quality and careless manufacturing. No care was taken to ensure that the hairs are all going in the same direction as they would when growing out of a scalp. If some are upside down then the cuticles of the hair shaft "catch" on each other and created the tangles and worse. This type of work is typical of the lowest quality wig manufacturing.

It pays to buy or save up for the best wig you can afford which will last for years.

Try to have an open discussion with the person you buy wigs from and let them know that you know that silicone and glossers are slicked over the wig before it leaves the factory. It will wash out pretty quickly and the real hair quality will be apparent and that's often not a pretty sight!

Yes, maintenance as others have said with good products is essential, but starting with high quality hair and expert knotting and manufacturing is very important. I have no problem with cheap wigs that have to be replaced...so long as you pay very little for it and you know the limitations up front.

There is a site called wigsupport.com where you can get a lot of help from other wig wearers on specific brands and places to buy.

Good luck! We've all been there ( unfortunately) with bad wig purchases.

see my comments on the "coconut oil" thread. I found a solution for my own matted hair human wig problem... sometimes you need to think outside of the box!





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