Hi everyone!

Just wanting some advice really on long synthetic wigs. All the ones that I have purchased thusfar have tangled really easily and end up matted at the back easily has anyone had good experiences with some long synthetic wigs that do not easile tangle.

If you have I would appreciate some help with brands and names, Ultimately I will be looking for a blonde one, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

I know the longer the wig is the more likely it is to tangle. But suggestions on some succeses with synthetic long wigs that tangle less would be awesome!!

Thanks guys and hope everyone is well :) xo Jen

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Hi, I have been wearing the Jon Rennau Zara for about a month now. I am wearing it HARD too (on at 7 in the morning, a workout in it every day, out in the wind with the kids, putting it up and taking it down) and yes it tangles, but I can get the tangles out every night. It is feeling a bit yucky to me (I have decided that long term I don't think synthetics are for me, I want it to feel like hair a bit more when I touch it) but everyone still thinks it looks great.

And the lace front is awesome!!! I tape it on and go, no one has been able to tell, it looks natural and gorgeous! I just found a HH wig that I am getting styled and cut just like this! I wear it with a wig cap underneath and find that more comfortable than when it is just on my head but I really like it and bought a second to have for "nice" occasions. I am going to keep wearing it til all the hair falls out! I have only been wearing wigs for 3 months though so I am still new to it all...


I have been wearing Zara by Jon Renau for about a year and love the lace front, I just switched to Gisele their newest lace front(and like it even more). Although both tangle underneath at the nec
k as most wigs do, I absolutely love them. I have had alopecia since I was 7, now 32 and the lace fronts are the best I have ever worn.

Human hair tangle less, but you have more maintenance work to keep it up....

Hi Jennah,this is Marsha,who is Lesleigh's WUG BFF
Lesleigh has gotten me quite a number of extremely long wigs & they rarely tangle/knot/mat,
I use good wig products including a wig detangle/shine spray.
Have you told her about the tangling issue that concerns you?
I think she will be able to help you a lot
-Marsha Lampert MBA MS MarshaLampert@aol.com

I know Lesleigh she is lovely





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