Hi everyone,

I'm 27 years old and was diagnosed a couple of days ago with AA. I'm getting married in 5 months and I'm also a bridesmaid in 3 months. I'm really shy and the thought of everyone looking at me on my wedding day was already overwhelming, so now I'm really scared about walking down the aisle with a big bald patch on the back of my head.

I've lost about 35-40% of my hair and had very thin hair to begin with. I'm blessed that it's not visible at first (because it's at the back), but if my hair gets wet or moves, it reveals the bald patch. My hair on top has also thinned quite a bit. I got very very sick in a foreign country 3.5 months ago, so I'm wondering if this is related.

I'm not sure if I'm going to lose any more hair, or if the hair's going to grow back and at what rate, so I'm wondering what I can do to cover it up in the meantime and especially for the wedding. I'm also nervous about going to the gym and running now, so what do you do for exercising? Any suggestions will help!! I'm pretty heartbroken over this.

Thank you.

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I'm so sorry you have to deal with alopecia during such a happy time of your life!

I really would go out and buy a wig NOW. You never know how quickly alopecia will progress. Some people lost all of their hair within weeks. For me, I was able to cover the bald spots with a thick headband for a while, but then one morning I woke up and the headband wouldn't cover them anymore, and I had to wear a hat to work until I could get a wig!

Even if you end up not needing one, it will be one less thing to worry about.

I would wear a bandana or scarf over your natural hair for the gym and running. That's what I did when my hair was falling out, and it worked really well (most people in Zumba class wear bandanas as part of their exercise outfit anyway!)

Thanks Aimee! I'll look into wigs just in case. I feel a lot better now that the initial shock is over :)

Hi there,

My hair loss pattern sounds similar to yours and so far I've found a few things useful. Who knows how much hair we will continue to lose but in the meantime here are my tips:

1. different hair styles. Much like the one in my default picture. It looks very nice and I get a lot of compliemnts on it, but the trick is being able to situate my hair to cover the spot and then using the other hair and pins as anchors to keep it from moving around. Also hairspray!

2. Colored hair powder/dry shampoo/crayons. A lot of brands make colored hair powders and crayons generally to hide roots that need touching up, but I have used them to cover spots so that they aren't shining through. They can be messy, and sometimes expensive but to me they have been very helpful. Bumble & bumble makes my favorite colored hair powder so far. I use the black because my hair is very dark but it comes in different shades.

Hope this helped and I wish you all the best!

Thanks so much for these suggestions! They're very helpful. I'm realizing now how much you can do, so this is great!

Wear hats or Juliet caps at both weddings; ones that match the dresses. Hairspray and pin what needs to stay put in any wind. A solid instead of net veil will cover up the back of your head.

Check out Turkish scarves, Jewish modesty scarves, knit caps and full-coverage baseball caps online for exercising.

Tallgirl, what are some sites that sell Turkish or Jewish modesty scarves? Do they have extra material to cover the back of your neck? My neck gets so cold when I wear bandanas!

Just put whatever you want to find in the Google or search bar, and a whole list of sites will pop up!

I'd get a wig as soon as you can, one that you like and won't mind wearing for the weddings. Explain to your friend the bride that you can't have just any old hairstyle if she tries to pressure you into having a particular style. There are only limited styles you can do with most wigs. A full lace wig would allow you to do up-dos, but only if the lace is stuck down very very securely, and I'd probably recommend doing a half-up-do if you get a long wig, as then you won't have to worry so much about the lace showing, plus it looks very romantic, especially if you have curls.
As for going to the gym, I don't know what to recommend as I don't know how shy you are or how you feel about it, but I've just said to myself "f*** it" and let my patches show. I'd rather get stares the first few times than feel gross and look flabby because I'm too scared or too sweaty to exercise. People tend to go to the gym at the same times each day, so they soon get used to it. Good luck! I've gotta be a bridesmaid soon too!

Thanks for the advice! Yeah, I think I'm going to just going to brave it and head to the gym now that I've had time to process everything. I'm tired of feeling gross. Exercise will flow all those happy hormones again!

Welcome! I'm sorry that you were diagnosed with AA. I have AGA. I wanted to say that I agree with Aimee. If possible, buy a wig NOW. That way, the stress of it is off your shoulders. However, before you purchase anything, do some research online or try to go to a wig shop and ask to try on all the types of wigs. Don't feel discouraged if you don't love anything right away. It took me 3 stores until i purchased a wig. You can save a lot of money by purchasing them online. However, you take a risk that you won't like the wig. Some websites allow returns/exchanges, but not all. One suggestion that I have that might work is called a topper. However, it works better for those who keep the same amount of hair. It attaches to your bio hair on the top of your head. That might be an option for you, but you might go ahead with a full wig instead. Good luck

Thanks, I haven't heard of a topper before. I'll look into it!

Wearing a scarf is probably the best idea for the running or going to the gym. You can do a couple of searches in the photo section of alopecia world under scarf OR scarves.

I believe we also have a few videos on how to tie them:

As well as there are a couple of scarf suppliers on Alopecia World if you are looking for something specific.





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